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ZAP! -- Halloween 10/31/97

My favorite time of the year, and my favorite Dr. Demento show.

Here are some Halloween songs that I would like to share with you. The selection has not been updated in half a decade, but these songs are all-time greats and do not go out of date.

I've made a special mix tape of my favorite Halloween songs, and have put it on RealAudio.

I made the tape when I was a child, listening to Dr. Demento on radio stations in my hometown: KMFB and KOZT, Fort Bragg, CA. KOZT is one of the few radio stations in California that still carry the show to this day. This tape is quite old, so the audio quality is not the greatest, but neither is RealAudio...

Download RealPlayer Click the icons below to listen to the music. If you do not already have RealAudio installed on your computer, download it by clicking the icon to the left.

Side 1
Side 2
  • Monster Mash
  • Monster Hop
  • Midnight Stroll
  • Anne Boleyn
  • Dead
  • Whatever Happened To Eddie
  • Dinner With Drac
  • Mr. Ghost Goes To Town
  • Nudist Colony Of The Dead
  • It's Halloween
  • I Hear Voices
  • Here Comes The Hearse
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  • Boris The Spider
  • Haunted House Of Rock
  • Werewolves Of London
  • I Moved Into A Haunted House
  • Ghost Walk
  • I Want To Bite Your Hand
  • I Hold Your Hand In Mine
  • I Put A Spell On You
  • Screamin' Ball At Dracula Hall
  • It's Alive
  • Dark Shadows Theme
  • The Ballad Of The Terlet
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Sorry about the last song on Side 1 being cut off! The tape's over a decade old.

WANTED: Does anyone have a complete copy of the "Here Comes The Hearse" song? Let me know at in_at_krellanSPAM_dot_com (spam-protected, please edit) if you do, I'd love to get it... or any other creepy funny songs you have :-)

Apologies for having this email address as a graphic, and for having a link that requires manual editing. This had to be done, in order to protect the address from spammers using automated programs to gather email addresses from text.

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Krellan 10/31/97