README for 1.10 Patch
(C) 2002 Blizzard Entertainment

Character Changes

* Necromancer "Lower Resist" ability now can remove monster immunities as well. The chance for breaking through a monster immunity is based on skill level and monster level.
* Necromancer bone attack abilities now penetrate through to the bone, bypassing all immunities and resistances. This is balanced by considering that these attacks do at most 400-500 damage at maximum skill, and that all other classes have attacks that do at least 4 digits worth of damage.
* Necromancer raiselings now follow the same behaviour algorithm as the golem and hireling, instead of randomly wandering around in a daze.

Item Changes

* A new attribute has been added, that can be available on all wearable items. These give a bonus on experience you gain while wearing these items! The effect is "+X% to experience". This stacks with other items you are wearing. If you kill a monster worth 1000 XP and have items that total +50% to experience, for example, you will get 1500 XP! We hope building big bonuses with this is as fun as building huge MF.
* Another new attribute has been added, a lesser form of the above. It can be available on weapons only. These give a bonus for experience you gain while wielding these weapons, but only if the kill is made with that weapon itself.
* Magic Find has been scaled down. Only 60% of your MF is counted when dropping rare items. For set items this is 40%, and for unique items this is 20%.
* Rare, set, and unique items may now be "re-rolled" by using the Horadric Cube. Use the item, and 1 of each perfect gem and skull. This is similar to other HC recipes, but is guaranteed to give you a new item of equal or better value. This is repeatable. Contents of sockets, if any, will be lost.

Area Changes

* Areas that are known to be lucrative and exploitable, such as Bloody Foothills, have been made harder.

Overall Game Changes

* The difficulty level of Hell has been put back to where it was before the 1.09 Patch! Now you have a chance again.
* There is now a fourth difficulty level, "Inferno"! Get here by beating Hell. It is essentially the same as Hell, but with much harder monsters (even more so than Hell in the 1.09 Patch). Items and experience are correspondingly better.
* When you create a new game, you can now check the checkbox "No Hostile Players". When this is checked, players in your game will be prevented from declaring hostility.
* When you create a new game, you can now check the checkbox "Auto Join Party". When this is checked, players joining your game will automatically be placed in your party, without you having to do anything. They will still be allowed to leave your party, though.
* The experience cap has been raised from 3,500,000,000 to 4,200,000,000, at which point you will be Level 100!
* The Horadric Cube size has been increased from 3x4 to 4x4, for symmetry.
* Allocations of unique items have been increased in all realms, so that everybody has a good chance of finding new items, even under the new Magic Find rules.


This is fictional parody. When this was written, there was no official 1.10 Patch for Diablo II. Blizzard has nothing to do with this page. It is just the hopes of many fans that the Necromancer can be made playable once again....

*sigh* think it'll ever happen? — Krellan 8/21/2001

Well, I'll be! Hell has frozen over. 10/28/2003
They did change most of what needed fixing, but not all, not by a long shot....