Saving Live365

Krellan — 7/3/2001 (revised 9/19/2001)

Rumour has it that Live365 will be going out of business soon. Rats.

I will miss Live365. I like listening to them at work; they are one of the few commercial websites I visit on a regular basis. I listen to gothic/industrial and Eurobeat/J-pop, and there's no radio stations nearby that play this.

I'd be willing to pay to help keep them afloat, say a monthly fee of $3.65? :-)

When Live365 was mentioned on F**kedCompany, I posted this list. Here's what I would do, if I were them.


I'd change their business model:

Two more I thought of later, that might not be as feasible to do, but are still interesting. I've offered justifications for these: